Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Headed Out (of my mind)

So after a couple days of maps, emails and general freaking-out,
it's time to leave beautiful sunny Cleveland.
I was hoping to get out of town and head somewhat south before the snow started to hit.
That didn't happen.
But I've got all the winter riding gear I could possibly need. Fancy wool baselayers, compression-y midlayers, waterproof outerwear, goggles etc.
Hey Stuart, what do you think of my new Jandd helmet cover?
"I'm overwhelmed with admiration."
And aside from having all the gear one spoiled (indebted) bikeshop employee could ever want,
I've got the touring bike in tip-top shape.
Here it is at Fairview Cycle, where I work. They miss me already.
I found the Wheeler frame at our local bike Co-Op, and spent much time and many euros turning it into a badass all-purpose touring-trekking-commuting machine.
I could have probably just leased a Kia.
What's a Wheeler? I don't know, but its purple.
Its undergone many builds and incarnations.
Here it is in an awkward preteen portrait, with an adjustable quill stem :
Adjustable stems are like the bike equivalent to acne.
Clip on fenders must be braces.
And here is a general idea of the route I'll be taking:

And the detailed version here:
Its fine. It'll be fine.
I leave in a few hours.