Thursday, December 25, 2014

I've Been Chased By A Lot Of Dogs.

Since I couldn't possibly pick up all this blog slack and 
fill you in on each and every one of my adventures since D.C. . . .
here are some glimpses into my bikelife.

I headed south to my next co-op in Richmond.
Virginia is alright.
So is the weather for the most part.

I get hungry.
I eat.

Sometimes it isn't much.

Mostly I crave pza.
One of my goals for this trip is to eat an entire pza by myself.

I've made friends.


In Richmond I visited

Richmond has some kind of hold on me. I met some awesome people there.
I could live there.
But like Luda, I gotta roll out.

I crossed the border into North Carolina.

Its beauty.

Shorts. Sun.
 Good riding.

So I finally weighed all my gear.
I originally didnt want to know, for fear it would drive me into a gram-obsessed gear-shedding spree.
Which is exactly what happened.
I decided to mail stuff home.
I enthusiastically crammed 12lbs of gear into a little flat-rate shipping box.
I think I scared the little old lady at the post office in Lincolnton.

When I got to Chapel Hill/Carrboro, I visited another Bike Co-Op.

I immediately made new friends.
They were mostly seven years old.
They had fun playing with my GoPro

"Wake and Drake"
Custom jerseys.

Rich and the gang took me out for pza.
I'm home.

I also went to the Durham Bike Coop

They had a very interesting membership structure.
I wont nerd out over the details here.
More awesome people.

I had to mash pedals to get to Asheville. Five days of hard riding across beautiful countryside.

The only way I had over the mountains into Asheville on a bike was up a winding gravel road.

I had heard a lot about Asheville, mostly that it was cool.
I budgeted a whole weekend in town.
I did visit another bike coop,
Asheville Recyclery.

But I also prepared food with some friends for
Food Not Bombs

People ate. It was good.

My new Asheville frands took me mountain biking too.

I'm not particularly good at mountain biking.
I spent most of the ride in a state of sheer terror.
It was awesome.
I want to stay.
I have to go. 

I'm trying to make it to the Atlanta area to spend Christmas with my friend Shane and his family.
I've only three days and some very steep terrain to cross.

I'm way up in the mountains.
Its colder.

But I'm lucky enough to stay with some wonderful people.

They wanted to take a selfie.

Another place I wish I could stay.
But Christmas.

And I do make it to Shane and Rachel's for Christmas.
Its nice to be with people I know, family.

Meanwhile in Cleveland:

I'm the Christmas angel.

Here I will leave you with some entertainment.
The rural southerners like to let their dogs roam wherever
and I must look like some kind of big weird deer because they love nothing better than to chase me.