Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The "Can I Sleep Here?" Game.

I would love to tell you all
about my Pittsburgian adventure,
But alas, I have wheeled on to the
Great Allegheny Passage
Where there seems to be a lack of quality computers with which to update my blog.
What is this, the Dark Ages?
Who builds a three hundred mile bike trail through the Application Mountains
without a single blog updating kiosk?

I guess it'll have to wait till D.C.

In the meantime,
To satiate your appetites for Davidselfies I'll provide you with some pictures. That way you can at least get some sense of the pain in my calves.

I'll be honest, not all of this is easy. Today was especially hard, and the nights have gotten cold enough that I shelled out for a hostel. 

I'm going to get snowed in
 tomorrow I think.

But the most important thing is: