Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pittsburgermeister Meisterburger

I'm going to tell you a story.

So I ride my bike to Pittsburgh. 

And Pittsburgh was good.
Actually, just about everything in PGH was great, and I'm sure my CLE people
will hurt me for saying it.
It seems like the two towns have a very similar story.
Cleveland might have beaten PGH in this years
But I don't see how, because the Burg has all the infrastructure.

Protected bike lanes. Dedicated.
This one did end abruptly and left me hanging in traffic
but at least it was there.
And they were all over the place.
They make me happy.

Progress in Cleveland is slow.
 So slow that some cyclists just
There's a strong cycling culture in PGH in general
which leads me to the whole point of me being there.
I am on a mission, remember?

I went and visited Pittsburgh's bike Co-Op

They have a great workshop where, for a small fee
you can work on your bike yourself, cutting expensive bike shop repair $$$.

Here is a wheel sizing rack, which tells you what size your wheel is,
 saving much time confusion and frustration. 
There's about a million wheel sizes and they can get you into trouble.
The Ohio City Bike Co-Op has known about these for years,
 but still has you compare rims side by side.
Come on guys.
Also, check out that titanium bike.

They also did a great job using signage to explain Co-Op processes.
Some of it is slightly passive-aggressive.

Can you fix My Bike?
No, but you can use our tools to do your own repairs.
Sound good?

The Passive-Aggresor would be Tom.
Tom was kind enough to let me follow him around and generally be a nuisance.
He answered all of my questions with tact and grace.
What a guy.

This place was great,
 they seemed to have their share of roadblocks like any non-profit
but while I was there the shop was busy full of people fixing their own bikes.
It felt like home.
After my visit, I got to spend some quality time with my hosts.
They live in a beautiful old home at the very top of all the hills in America.

They also have chickens.
I could fill the rest of this page with pictures of chickens.